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Why Looking at These Will Always Make You Happy.


No one needs to remind you that life can be very challenging. There is so much negativity in the world these days (cue Alexa “Tell Me Some Good News”). I am not sure if we have more than past generations or it just feels like we do because of how instant and all knowing we are with smartphones. Like everyone I have amazing days, I have challenging days, I have bad hair days and I have days where I go out of my way to make my day uplifted and beautiful.

Why Looking at These Will Always Make You Happy.

It’s no secret that I am in love with pink roses and Rosé wine. I have been married to this Rosé now for about two years; it’s light, full of delicious hints of deep tasty strawberry, watermelon, Herbs de Provence and citrus. It never goes out of style. My rose obsession does not stop with drinking it I am also completely obsessed with filling my house with fresh roses, lighting my favorite rose candles and drinking a little Rose tea at night who knew Rose tea had so many benefits like stress-reduction and weight loss? When you intentionally fill your environment with beauty, it will uplift your spirit and give you a much-needed boost of happiness. Passing by my unique vases filled with gorgeous pink, white and fuschia roses instantly changes my vibration and mood.

Why Looking at These Will Always Make You Happy.

I am not sure when my Rose obsessed life started? Maybe in 2016 when I found this brightening serum with real rose petals in the glass bottle. I am on my seventh miracle bottle now. The second I smell this face oil I close my eyes taking a couple deep breathes and envision walking through a rose garden. I credit this face oil to brightening the hyper-pigmentation spot on the right side of my face significantly.

Why Looking at These Will Always Make You Happy.
Photo Credit/Copyright: Rick Gomez Photography

As I sit here writing with the sweet smell of my new Rose Champs candle burning, I want you to do something special for yourself today. That might be as simple as buying yourself Rose tea and adding it to your nightly routine or maybe it’s booking that much needed me-time pedicure. Call your girlfriend and invite her to happy hour for a glass of Rosé. Whatever it is celebrate yourself, honor yourself and most importantly see life through Rose colored glasses.

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