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What's the Difference Between a BB Cream and CC Cream?

BB or CC cream? Ah, it’s a tricky choice when there’s so much misinformation about these two products. So to expand on my Youtube video, I’ll be diving deeper into the unique qualities of these incredible complexion boosters—both of which are excellent for mature skin! Take notes, ladies…let’s explore the difference between BB cream and CC cream.
What's the Difference Between a BB Cream and CC Cream?
The difference between BB and CC cream (at a glance)
Both BB and CC cream offers lightweight coverage for a more natural camouflage effect. But they work in unique ways to improve our complexion. Whereas BB cream (“beauty balm”) conceals and heals blemishes and inflammation, CC cream is a “color corrector,” meaning it improves skin tone issues like rosacea, pigmentation, and dark under eyes.
Let’s explore the difference between BB and CC cream in more detail.
What’s a BB cream?
I personally LOVE BB cream! It offers a more minimalist approach to makeup, and more importantly, it’s ideal for mature skin because it’s silky, airy, and easily blendable. Essentially, it’s “anti-cake,” so we don’t have to worry about that awful midday-makeup-mayhem situation (as we all know…) when our beautiful handiwork creases into our fine lines and wrinkles.
Healing and concealing
The allure of BB cream is that it heals as well as conceals. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, these formulas are designed to improve skin tone, texture, and resiliency—all while providing a light veil of coverage for dark spots, acne, and other problem areas.
And there’s another perk: BB creams are safe for oily or acne-prone skin! These formulas are non-greasy and contain gentle antibacterials to keep your skin fresh and clean throughout the day. The best versions also have hyaluronic acid, which keeps your skin looking dewy—not covered.
The NiKOL Cosmetics BB Cream, for example, is made with hydrating aloe vera and cucumber extracts, which infuse your skin with water for a soft, supple glow. It also contains calming chamomile to soothe dry or irritated skin, giving a healthy boost to your complexion.
Fresh Beauty StudioBB cream vs. Tinted Moisturizer
It’s easy to understand why people confuse these two: BB cream and tinted moisturizer cross between skincare and makeup. And similarly, they both provide translucent (see-through) coverage with a hint of color.
The key difference between them, however, comes down to the nature of the formula. With tinted moisturizer—just like the name implies—you get a moisturizing treatment with a “tint” (pigment) to warm up or even out your complexion. But BB cream is much more sophisticated, not only because it’s a hybrid of tinted moisturizer and foundation but also hydrates and nourishes your skin while treating problems like eczema and acne.
NOTE: Keep in mind that a BB cream is not sunscreen. Always apply an SPF 30 or higher under your makeup before leaving the house.
What’s a CC cream?
Unlike BB cream, CC cream offers fuller coverage and focuses on color correction. Simply put, it uses the science of color optics to beautify our skin tone. By blending a complementary undertone into our skin, we can illuminate our complexion, making it look more radiant and alive!
You can wear CC cream under your BB cream or foundation for a flawless finish. But when combining two layers of makeup, make sure you’re light-handed with your application and diffuse any excess product with a beauty blender. It’s all about taking the “less is more” approach, so you’re left with a natural brilliance that glows from within.
Types of color correction
There are specific CC creams to camouflage three common types of discoloration: purple hues, redness, and brown spots/grey undertones. I’ll discuss each one in detail and include some of my favorite go-to products that have earned my loyalty over the years!
Red spots & rosacea
Whether it’s acne, rosacea, or stressed-out skin that’s causing redness, you can cancel out that crimson color with its color-opposite: mint green! By introducing subtle green-ish undertones to your complexion, you can “neutralize” that rosy look.
The No Redness Beauty Stick uses this color correction technology to disguise red spots or inflammation in your skin.
Brown spots & ashy skin
Looking drab? It happens—whether it’s due to stress, sleepless nights, or, well, age—our skin can appear greyish and dull when our hydration levels and facial circulation get sluggish. We can use a CC cream with pinkish undertones to perk things up to energize our complexion with a refreshed glow.
Not only does this trick illuminate your entire face, but it’ll blur brown spots and acne scars too! I’m a big fan of the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue, which has a smooth, gel-like consistency that’s great for dry skin. Our skin doesn’t hold as much water as we age, so products that offer added hydration are key! The only downside to this formula, from my experience, is that it doesn’t absorb well into the skin.
Alternatively, the Super CC cream by Physicians Formula is thinner in texture and more easily blendable. I recommend using it under the NiKOL Cosmetics BB Cream for an overall brightening effect that looks natural and skin-like.
Purple or blue under eyes
Nothing is more aging than shady under eyes. Making us appear tired and worn, it’s one of the most common types of beauty baggage we carry as we age. Fortunately, CC cream can camouflage the problem.
By adding peach undertones to your under-eyes, it conceals any purple or blue undertones, making you seem miles more refreshed and awake! I recommend the Just Peachy Color Corrector to disguise dark circles and dark spots on fair to light skin tones. Yet, if you’ve got darker skin or serious pigmentation, then opt for Extreme Cancel Color Corrector Trifecta—a targeted formula encased in a lipstick tube, letting you zero in on the under eyes.
So there you have it, ladies! Share this article with your friends to spread the word about the difference between BB and CC cream.
Got questions? Please leave me a message in the comment section below!
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Hi Nikol!
What is the Trick to selecting a colour for a BB or CC creams? … Through the years my skin has changed from a Blank Canvas to a Pacaso!😳😂 … I’m quite pale & usually will use a Darker Foundation Shade or Bronzer to Try to Look More Attractive!! 😁🤞… What would you advise? 😭🙏
I like the look of a Tan! 👍

Brenda Miller

What is the difference between BB cream and foundation? Do you need both?


Why following all your advise and products for LA Mer foundation have to be reapplied by early afternoon?
Is there a product to hold foundation’ all day?