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Staying Healthy Over 40


There are so many “eating” fads going on right now. I choose to say “eating” compared to “diets” because I have never believed in dieting. Choosing to eat right and exercise is a lifestyle, not a short term goal. I feel that it’s the daily choices that you make, reading food labels so you are knowledgable on what you are putting into your body.

Staying Healthy Over 40
Staying Healthy Over 40
Staying Healthy Over 40
Photo Credit; Rick Gomez Photography

I am not the type to follow a restrictive diet, I was a vegetarian for almost fifteen years but then met my husband (aka RayRay Meatballs) and decided with his amazing homemade Italian cooking I had to ease up on not eating chicken. I am going back to a plant-based diet for the summer. I like to plan short term goals that range from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. This year is more geared toward physical health and mental clarity.

Staying Healthy Over 40
photo credit: Rick Gomez Photography

I recently started ordering from Daily Harvest (Get 3 Free Cups HERE) for my morning smoothies and healthy green drinks. I was tired of buying fruit only to see it rot before the end of the week. I felt like I was wasting so much money on organic food so I took a chance and ordered an array of delicious flash frozen smoothies. The best part of Daily Harvest is that on Thursday mornings each week my box is delivered right to my front door. I take out all my smoothies or oat bowls that are frozen and put them right into my freezer or refrigerator. My favorite so far has been the Ginger and Greens Smoothie. I used to run out the door with only a coffee in hand now I run out the door with a nutritious vitamin-packed smoothie in record time.

Staying Healthy Over 40
Staying Healthy Over 40
If you love this skirt I sent it to TheRealReal after this shoot it’s new with tags! Such a deal so keep a look out for it. Photo Credit Rick Gomez Photos

I think the trick to staying on track is not to deprive yourself of little perks like having a skinny margarita with real lime juice and sweetened with agave nectar. The second you tell me that I have to eliminate all the fun from my diet is when I start to feel trapped. It’s not just about moderation it’s a lifestyle choice of choosing to be mindful about everything you put in your body.

I ventured out and tried one of Daily Harvest soups Lentil+Mesquite Chili but I wasn’t blown away with the one I ordered. I have heard there are a ton of amazing soups offered so I will revisit the soup section and test out the Carrot + Coconut and the Turmeric + Lemongrass Broth in the next months. Their soups have Superfoods and farm-fresh ingredients packed into each cup. Hey, anything to keep me not slaving in the kitchen at night. There are so many choices besides smoothies and soups from harvest bowls, lattes, oat bowls, and chia bowls. You never have to worry that you are going to get bored with what you order. To make sure we are all on the same page this is not a sponsored post, I love sharing with you things that have helped me live a more balanced life. I found that not eating properly in the mornings was putting me in a funky mood and affected my entire day.

Staying Healthy Over 40

A couple of other staples for wellness I add into my smoothies are this type of collagen and this protein. I am always switching things up with my nutrition to keep it interesting but I never miss adding in the collagen and protein. It’s not easy as we age staying fit and being motivated but jump-starting each morning with a smoothie or oat bowl packed with greens, antioxidants, good for you organic ingredients is a great start to keeping you on track all day.

I will be sharing more of my workouts and meal plans in the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions on how I plan my workouts, diet, everyday healthy snacks leave a comment and I will incorporate them in my upcoming blog posts.

Staying Healthy Over 40

**Some links are an affiliate thank you supporting my blog.

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