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One of My Best Purchases on Amazon This Year!


It’s the little things in life that are making me so happy right now like this robe 40% off right now. I wanted to share with you what has made me absolutely ecstatic (my drama word right now) working at my desk or sitting in bed reading in the morning.

Let me take you back to when the issue first started. I am in constant working mode to some that might sound like a nightmare but for me, as an entrepreneur, it’s music to my ears. I love working, creating content, creating, filming, editing, photoshoots you name it. The joke with my husband is that back in 2011 when we were dating I was at a baby shower and someone asked me if I was married YET and I said “Well, Why Yes! I am Married to my JOB.” My husband was so freaked out that I would say that in public not to mention to a group of people. I was like what’s the big deal IT’S TRUE and I am PROUD OF IT lol.

One of My Best Purchases on Amazon This Year!
Marble Coffee Warmer | Voluspa Rose Candle | NiKOL Cosmetics

While at the computer in the mornings I have reached for my delicious cup of Nespresso only to be met with cold coffee. I sit there thinking I just made this how can it be cold already! It’s a real bummer when you are expecting hot coffee and your lips are met with a burst of chilly lifeless coffee. I must tell you that I am a big coffee lover and not just any coffee Nespresso! I have had a Nespresso espresso machine (made espresso only) since 2010. I have one in the studio also #coffeelover. I added the Nespresso Breville coffee machine a couple of years ago this one can use both pods for espresso and coffee. I love the dense foamy crema (that’s what they call the beautiful foam that the coffee machine creates from their centrifuge totally unique).

Again, while checking things out on Amazon what’s new? I came across THIS AMAZING WARMER for under $15, it literally changed my morning coffee game. Now I am not rushing to finish my coffee in the morning. I can check emails at a snail’s pace, get distracted with reprimanding my two Frenchie girls, decide to do an at-home facial all while my coffee stays deliciously warm. If I want to enjoy my coffee in bed I just take my little bad boy warmer out of my office and place it right next to me on my nightstand.

If you are a coffee or tea lover (I can’t get enough of this tea at night to soothe my nerves) this fab beverage warmer is a no brainer purchase. It doesn’t take up space, looks absolutely chic with the faux marble design and up levels your coffee experience. I honestly don’t know what I would do without this warmer. Until my next mindless Amazon surfing, I will be here enjoying my hot coffee.

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