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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Edition

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Edition
There is no secret I love shopping at Nordstrom’s and I love Nordstrom’s app. Whether I am browsing the beauty exclusives sipping a delish coffee from this cup or checking out what’s new in fashion it always brings a sense of calm to me especially now.
Less is more lately for me when it comes to my beauty, and I want specific items that make me feel a certain way from candles (which has been a big part of keeping me sane this year) to unique beauty items like this one that just came back in stock. I wanted to do a pre-anniversary sale round-up of the Beauty Exclusives I have on my list.
Nikol BeautyLove this mask I have every color
If I have to wear a mask, I am wearing one that makes me feel feminine and beautiful, and yes, that’s possible with the right face covering. I have tried so many different types of material, and I finally found a mask that I can wear in the studio with my team for over eight hours a day. The reason I bought the Slip mask is that I love sleeping on silk pillowcases. It’s the best material to sleep on for less hair breakage, bed head, and preserving moisture in your hair. Silk pillowcases are also anti-aging for your skin. You can say goodbye to face creases each morning. Silk keeps your skin cool throughout the night.
I am getting so excited for the Nordstroms Anniversary sale because so many beauty items that I have wanted to try will be on sale. I feel I am prepared this year compared to years past. So let me break it down for you when you can shop.
Nikol Johnson
Now that you know when you can shop and that you can make a Pre Wish List, you will be all set and feel entirely in control of your intentional beauty must-haves. I mentioned my silk Slip mask and silk pillowcases, but I haven’t mentioned one of my favorite I am talking FAVORITE pajamas ever. If you haven’t tried the Moonlight Dream Pajamas, you are entirely missing out on life. I bought these years ago and have been adding different colors and patterns to my collection over the years. Not only are they the softest most comfortable pajamas, but you never want to get out of them. I have spent days working from home without ever taking them off. You will see dozens of pictures of me on Instagram in my Stories wearing these pajamas. I can’t say enough about them. I did switch it up with the Moonlight collection and bought this style in pink, which came today. My favorite thing to do after a long week is to have a clean pair in the dryer while I take a rose Epsom salt bath and put them on warm. It’s heaven.
I am a sucker for beautiful scents and especially when they are making my hair smell amazing. Diptyque has a Rose Eau de Toilette, and a Hair Mist Duo queued up for early access. I have worn the Rose Toilette and loved it. It’s a soft, very feminine fragrance that I like to spritz when I get out of the shower. Diptique Rose set is a must for anyone that loves the smell of roses.
On the topic of hair mists, I bought Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Baccarat Rouge 540 hair mist since the fragrance is very pricey. I mentioned this product in one of my lastest hair videos on YouTube. I was cheating because I wanted the scent but didn’t want to spend the steep price for the fragrance, but with the Nordstrom sale, they have a great smaller size available. I think this is an excellent option, so you can test out the scent without having to buy the full size. Just read the reviews on this perfume, and you will know why it made my list.
I am very determined to find the right products, whether that is for my skin, hair, nails, etc. Since quarantine, my hair has been doing its own thing, and I encouraged it until the humility hit 200%. I wanted to try the OUAI Thirsty Hair Oil & Leave-In Conditioner Kit.
Keeping the frizz out of my hair is not an easy feat, but some accessories do help keep breakage at bay and tame my hair. Not only do I wear Slip Silk face masks and sleep on Slip silk pillowcases, but I tie my hair back with Slip Mega Scrunchies. Yes, I said scrunchie, do you remember the Sex in the City episode where Carrie said something about a women’s scrunchie at the bar, and it turned into this huge issue? I digress, these are the best to keep your hair back but not damage or put stress on your hair.
Next on my list is a jumbo size of the Le Labo Basil Hand Soap. I am absolutely in love with Le Labo. You can read some of my blog posts from London to Los Angeles, where I experienced going to one of Le Labo’s boutiques and having my fragrance made for me right there with my name on the bottle. Le Labo fragrance company is one of my favorites. I haven’t tried their hand soap, and with all the hand washing that’s going on now, I thought I would indulge and enjoy a little fresh basil scent in my kitchen.
When it comes to skincare, I am beyond picky. As a licensed Esthetician, I have tried so many products, and I know which ones are just marketing and which ones work and make a difference. I am excited to see Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment Home and Away Kit on Early Access Sale. I have used this product for years, and when I feel my skin need that extra exfoliating or my skin texture feels dull and lackluster, I will put this product on. In the morning, my skin is fantastic.
If you are looking for a daily peel pad Dr. Dennis Gross is by far one of the best Alpha Beta peel pads. The Alpha Beta Extra Strenght Daily Peel Pads are an excellent treatment if you have hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, fine line, and wrinkles or want an overall brighter look to your skin. Nordstrom’s is offering a great deal on a set featuring a full-size box and a 30-day box plus a travel-size cleansing gel.
I want to share a couple of things I recently ordered on sale that I don’t think are going to last. I have been obsessed with the Gucci loafers, but as you can imagine, the price tag on the Gucci loafers was just a tad high, so I found the most incredible dupe. I bought these loafers that are exclusive to Nordstrom for literally a fraction of what the Gucci ones would have cost me, and they are unbelievably comfortable, which was a surprise.
I also bought these loafers in the tan fabric option for under $50. These are perfect for the end of summer wear. If you are looking for comfortable white or black T-Shirt staples, these are the best I have ever found. Not only are they ultra-soft but so affordable. Another surprise on the comfort level were these sneakers that I see in so many street-style Instagram posts. I read all the reviews, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to comfort, but let me tell you standing all day at the studio and wearing these sneakers has been a dream come true. I no longer have blisters, nor do I have achy legs and sore feet. I am so thrilled with taking a chance on some of these products that are new to me.
Enjoy your time shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but make sure you log in when the sale opens because I know they will sell out of all these amazing beauty deals!
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Edition
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