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My Favorite In-Flight Beauty


The first part of the year I racked up some significant miles traveling to New York City, Napa California, Tampa and London, England. It’s imperative because of my job that I am prepared to go at any moment. I have my cross-country and international beauty bag pretty much pre-packed so with the next last minute booking I can jump on a flight.

My Favorite In-Flight Beauty
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Photo Credit: Rick Gomez Photography

I haven’t always been this prepared. I used to sit on flights and think ugh why didn’t I pack that hand cream or where in the world is my lip balm. It used to frustrate me to no end not having the proper beauty products that I made it my mission to always have my must-have beauty in my carry-on.

My Favorite In-Flight Beauty
My Favorite In-Flight Beauty
Lipstick | Face Palette | Necklace India Hicks SOLD OUT

Flying cross country or international takes a toll on your skin. I am not a fan of dry eyes, dehydrated skin, and cracked cuticles upon arrival. I have a curated travel skin care protocol that gets me through those long dry air hours on the plane. The key is to pack all your airline approved skin care in your carry on bag and not the one you put overhead. You need to have all your beauty under the seat in front of you for easy access during the flight. I used to have all my products in my bag thrown around. I can’t tell you how annoying it was and probably for my seatmate watching me bend over and grab my purse then throw it on my lap dig around like a maniac looking for my lip balm. Not being able to find it, I would throw it back down under the seat and then repeat four hundred times before the flight took off. I wish I were making this up.

My Favorite In-Flight Beauty

My beauty list is not extensive, but to the point, I address my main concerns when on a flight. I first start with the soft mesh zipper bag that I store all of my skin care, and makeup in that goes in my carry on. I like that it’s smooth and can flatten out. I also like that I can see what is in my bag because of the mesh fabric. Inside you will find everything from mini alcohol pads to tweezers below is a rundown of my most valuable travel beauty items.

My Favorite In-Flight Beauty
Always strategic with my in-flight beauty

The black mesh bag comes in a set of three different sizes and is a life saver. I was thrilled to see so many options for beauty travel bags over on this website. I use the smallest size for my in-flight beauty, and when necessary, I can hand wash my bag. When grabbing my mesh bag I can see where everything is before I open it and it can hold up to ten pounds. Because of the convenient zipper around on all three sides, I don’t have to dig deep into an abyss to find what I am looking for. I use the other larger size bags for hair brushes and my makeup, lashes, etc.

hair brushes and my makeup, lashes
My beauty is always packed and ready to go

It’s important not to wear makeup on cross country or international flights, especially on an overnight trip. I know you probably think I am crazy, but wearing makeup is not the way to go when on a long flight. You want your skin to be clean and ready for all the spritzing and moisturizing you will be doing the entire flight. Let’s not forget all the water you will need to be drinking.

Before I am picked up to go to the airport, I wash my face with a rebalancing cleanser and apply face oil. I grab my large Jackie O shades for the ride and then I put on my eyeglasses once I get to the airport. My contacts are in this adorable travel case ready to pop in my eyes when I land. Wearing contacts on a flight is a big mistake, the dry air makes wearing contacts very uncomfortable and you don’t want to be touching or rubbing your eyes on a plane. Throughout the fight, I am applying lip balm, moisturizer, or renewal face oil and spritzing my face with a hydrating mist. I have found using lubricating eye drops is a lifesaver on long flights.

My beauty bag items:

Now that I am entirely organized and can run off to the airport at a moments notice, I sit back and enjoy the experience of travel.

enjoy the experience of travel
enjoy the experience of travel
Relaxed and ready for my flight
My Favorite In-Flight Beauty
All Photos by Rick Gomez Photography
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