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Loving Your Body in Your 40's

Loving Your Body in Your 40's
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I know what you are going to say, “You’re naturally thin, so it’s not hard for you yada yada yada-not true, my friend. There is so much more to it than that.

First, let’s remember I pumped my body for four years full of synthetic hormones, which dramatically took a toll on not only my body shape but my entire well-being. It’s uncharted territory even for doctors when it comes to hormones because they don’t understand in entirety what they are doing when they are loading you up on IVF drugs. It’s a pretty scary thought when you are the patient injecting yourself day after day for years with what I would like to call poison. My body was not my own, almost like a science experiment.

Loving Your Body in Your 40's

Not only was my body changing shape from the synthetic hormones, but the bloating to bruising was taking its toll. My skin was wrecked, and my hair was falling out from all the anesthesia. After every IVF cycle, my body didn’t get to rest I would start prepping for another round five to be exact in one year.

I had to learn about supplements that could help rebalance my body, vitamins, elixirs, and I created a super antioxidant anti-inflammatory smoothie to help with my endometriosis diagnosis.

“Love How Your Body Changes As You Change.” Nikol Johnson

I had to be gentle on myself when I would look in the mirror going through this nightmare. I had to accept the changes, know I could with the proper nutrition, and exercise once I felt better to get back to normal even if that meant a new normal for me. I started spinning again with my husband, pilates, and weights.

I slowly got back to my working routine and felt more in control of not only my body but my mind. If you are struggling right now with your body changing through age, understand that nothing stays the same. If you can learn to push through the hards days with a workout, mantra, or just an attitude adjustment, you will be able to create more positive energy and keep enjoying your beautiful body no matter what size or shape.

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