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Last Day on Earth, I am Drinking This


I remember finding a Rose wine that would soon be one of my favorites. I went to Total Wines to pick up Lisa Vanderpumps Rose as a joke gift for my girlfriend's birthday. I encountered an entire wall of all excellent Rose wine. Did I die and go to Rose-colored heaven? Where had this pink wall been my whole life? I was used to my local supermarket with a depressing selection or Fresh Market with the same Rose players each week. Total Wine is out of the way for me, so I delight in the opportunity to indulge.

I stood in front of the fantastic pink shrine, literally just staring at the bottles. The sales guy must have come over four or five times, asking if I needed help, and each time I was like No, Thank You. I stood there, taking it all in. Wine is so subjective anyway; I might find something he loves less appealing. I like to experiment and have no expectations.

Charles and Charles is a delightful Rose wine, fruit forward with a burst of strawberries on your tongue; if you want something different, I highly recommend this Wine for the summer.

Last Day on Earth, I am Drinking This
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I started choosing my Rose based on how many points they rated, and one in particular bottle at the bottom of the wall stood out to me. I don’t know if it was the pink American flag wrapped around the bottle, 90 glorious points rated or the bright deep color of sunkissed strawberries, but I threw a couple of bottles of Charles & Charles in my cart and off I went.

Last Day on Earth, I am Drinking This
Last Day on Earth, I am Drinking This

I love experimenting with new wines, and I feel that is the only way you will get to know what you like or dislike what regions you tend to enjoy more etc. The moment I poured a glass of Charles & Charles, I could smell the distinct aroma of fresh ripe fruit, I loved that color of the wine was deep and complex, unlike the other Rose wines I was getting bored with each month. One sip, and it transported me into a rich Rose experience. I could see myself walking in the vineyard, laying down in soft grass looking up at the sky and dreaming of…..I digress. All of this Rose craziness might sound so over the top for some, but if you are a Rose lover, you understand. I am tired of the same old light pink, no dimension type of wines. Why drink something that is not giving you pure joy? I would instead be indulging in a bath of Nespresso.

Nikol Johnson

If you have been following me on Instagram for a while, you know I do “Friday Confessions” from time to time, and one Friday, I had confessed that while at the airport on my way to HSN I stopped in a little Mexican Tequila bar and found Charles & Charles on the wine list. It was so unexpected, and I was so thrilled I looked up the winemaker on my phone and emailed him about my excitement as you can see my love of Rose was flowing out of control by now. I know entirely bizarre, and in my “Friday Confessions,” I had noted that he probably had two locks on his door if not now very soon.

Last Day on Earth, I am Drinking This
Photo Credit: Rick Gomez Photography


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