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How To Style Dirty Hair + Hair Tutorial

We have all been there the dreaded dirty hair that should be washed, but we want to get one or two more days out of our blowout. Washing and styling my hair is a process and takes time, so it’s not at the top of my list of things to do when I am running from the gym to meetings. I have perfected how to style dirty hair using a couple of simple products to get through those super cloudy hair days. No one would know my dirty little hair secret.
First, I rely on dry shampoo to absorb all the oil and greasiness on my scalp. Not only does this refresh my hair, but it creates glorious volume. In some of my YouTube hair videos like the one below, I have shared how I use dry shampoo as a hair whitener. It’s a little trick I figured out early in my gray hair journey. When I see my gray hair looking dull because it needs a good wash, I will blast it with the dry shampoo, and it creates beautiful white stripes in my hair. You have to be careful though, I used the DryBar dry shampoo, and it has a yellow color, which turned my gray hair yellow. Yellow hair is what gray, silver, and white-haired women try and avoid like the plague. Make sure you find the perfect dry shampoo for your hair type, and then buy two.
How To Style Dirty Hair + Hair TutorialMy second step is to apply a heat protector; this allows me to run my Dyson Airwrap through my hair, giving texture without any heat damage. I will use the 1.6″ barrels to give my hair the curl and texture, hiding my dirty hair. I use the heat for a couple of seconds, then blast the curl with the cold setting. I love that the Dyson has the cold setting to set my curls for a lasting stay.
Fresh Beauty Studio
Heat Protectors
Third, I will apply my favorite hair oils from Kerastase. I have been using these oils for years, and every time I run them through my hair, it gives me that high shine gloss and frizz control that I want and need. If you have not tried this spray oil, you are missing out on not only the best hair scent ever but super hair hydration.
Hair Oils
My last step is to use a flexible hair spray like this one from DryBar. I love that my hair still has movement and is not stiff. Balancing dirty hair with more hair products is an art form.
Hair Sprays
Hair spray is my best friend here in South Florida. I can’t live without anti-humidity hair sprays; they are a lifesaver. I always buy a flexible hair spray compared to the stronghold for every day. I like touchable soft hair, not stiff, crunchy hair, especially when my hair is dirty. I picked out some of my favorites below. The hair spray I show in my video seems out of stock at most stores, but I did link where it was in stock when I posted this blog.
How To Style Dirty Hair + Hair TutorialCheck out my video on YouTube to see how I style my dirty hair and get it back in shape until my next wash.

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Cathy H

I love the fact that you’ve shown us a way to not only postpone washing our hair for another day but to add a bit of whitening to dull areas is a great tip! Thank you Nikole for being so normal about something most of us ladies have thought about but didn’t want to admit. Great video!