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How To Own Your Morning.

I have been intrigued about morning routines for years. I have read every blog post and book about successful entrepreneur’s morning routines. I always felt that they were out of reach for me. I am not sure why maybe because some of them started with a 4 am wake up call, followed by an insane workout, you get my point.
I have almost fallen into my new morning routine that sets my entire day. I find that if I don’t do this routine, I am all out of sync and don’t have a flow for the day. For me to accomplish everything I have to do each day, I need some kind of peaceful start to my mornings. I want to ground myself and set my mind on what is right, real, and essential in life. I would like to mention that I haven’t watched the news since 911; believe me, I do enough reading to understand what’s going on in the world, but my ingesting the news on a constant basis is just not healthy for me. I will watch and listen to the news on my terms and my time. I am in control of how much information I ingest, and I will keep it that way.
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I start my mornings waking up with the Frenchie girls (aka our two adorable French bulldogs) at 6 am. I make sure the puppy (older Frenchie is still asleep) does her little business before I go and brush my teeth and spritz my face with this glorious grape water that instantly hydrates my skin. Then it’s time to feed the girls and have a little mineral water to hydrate my body before my ultimate indulgence Nespresso’s Cafe de Cuba coffee (YES! it’s back in stock). Once I have my water, I will grab my Glow Inner Beauty power mix it with a little unsweetened almond milk, use the frother to blend well, and then add a little more almond milk. I share how I do this on my Instagram Stories weekly. It’s all about gut health, so I want to make sure I am giving my body what it needs. Next, I brew my coffee and sit down in our Florida Room.
How To Own Your Morning.Perfect drop Earrings for summer
My mornings are my time to watch the sunrise and listen to my Abide in prayer app. I don’t touch my email, social media, or anything other than this app first thing. I adore this app and how I found it is a mystery. I honestly don’t know how I stumbled upon it, but I am so happy I did. I use the free version right now and do the two-minute meditation each morning. WOW is all I have to say. I will sit after the guided meditation and give thanks for everything that is in my life. For me, I need to have positive, uplifting, encouraging meditations each morning. I am not interested in giving energy to what is going on in the world right now. I want to concentrate on how I can serve my community of followers and be an escape. I want to shed light on the darkness and heaviness that we are all feeling at this time.
I am writing about my morning routine; it does not include my workout schedule that comes after what you are reading above. A morning routine is about centering yourself, taking that time out, and focusing on how you want your day to run, how you want to show up in the world for that day. A morning routine might sound trivial to some, but there is so much science behind having a morning routine; I encourage you to do a little research. If you need a little inspiration this book and this one are great ways to start.
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It’s incredible if you have the same routine every morning feeding your body, nourishing your spiritual soul how different you feel. I look forward to waking up each morning and doing my morning ritual. I realized it doesn’t matter what everyone else’s is doing; what matters is what works for you.
How To Own Your Morning.
Do you have a morning ritual? I would love to hear and learn what you are doing to enrich your life from the moment you wake up.


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