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Beauty and The Power of Words

I get asked constantly what keeps me going, what drives me, why do I keep grinding it out? I always fall back to a word called Ambition. I feel this word has always been part of me. This summer I have had plenty of time to think about my cosmetic line NiKOL Cosmetics and how I want you to feel wearing my makeup. I am rolling out on the blog in the next couple of weeks a sneak peek my fall lip, eye, and cheek collection starting with this color on my lips today.
Beauty and The Power of Words
Makeup makes me feel so many different emotions from Bold, Happy, Confident, Inspired, Risky, Gutsy, I could keep the words flowing but today I am talking about a beautiful new mid-tone rich berry mauve Vinyl Lip Lacquer called Ambitious. I paired this color with a deep plum Kohl lip liner but you could also choose Cabernet. If you are not familiar with my Vinyl Lip Lacquers they are a lip-hybrid similar to liquid lipstick with insane high watt shine but ultra-comfortable and creamy on the lips. You get more coverage and shine than a lipgloss. My formula is non-drying and fade-proof. I came out with a beautiful Summer Collection that has been hard to keep in stock from Bare Bum to Pink Sands.
Fresh Beauty Studio
Beauty and The Power of Words
Nikol Johnson Beauty
Keeping my mental state on a high vibe has a lot to do with the makeup I choose to put on in the morning. At the beginning of the “new normal,” I thought, what’s the point? I can stay in my PJ’s all day long heck maybe all week/month long. Do I need to wash my hair? I am not seeing anyone, pedicures? What’s that? Little by little, I felt worse than I did the day before. The names of my lipsticks, glosses, eye shadow palettes, and beyond have a particular thought and meaning behind each product, which helps create my energy and attitude for the day. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see me showing up on Insta-Stories when I am getting ready in the morning, showing you what lipstick or gloss I chose and for what specific reason. Most recently this week I chose Upgrade a beautiful pink that makes me feel alive.
Beauty and The Power of WordsVinyl Lip Lacquer in Ambitious | Fall Eye Shadow Palette in “Choices”
Launching in late September
I get it if you are not a makeup or beauty person. Maybe you find your high vibe with clothes or shoes or perhaps a fragrance. As an artist, I know the power of color and creating something out of nothing. Makeup is a tool and provides an escape from all the chaos, a safe place to tell yourself, YES YOU ARE WORTH IT! More than ever, I reach for my lipstick and gloss colors like Show UP, Power Source, Upgrade, and newly launching Persistence.
Makeup can completely change your attitude and take a bad day and turn it around with one swipe of a gorgeous lip color. It’s an affordable luxury in this time of uncertainty. Some days I hold on to these positive mantras and never let go, other days I am putting down my coffee cup glancing at my lip color “Worth It” on the rim of the glass and thinking to myself that’s right baby I AM Worth It no matter what is going on in this crazy world.
Beauty and The Power of Words
Fresh Beauty Studio
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